Savour the Taste of Ramadan with #HappyRamadanHappyTummy Feast

Ramadan has arrived at last! It’s a time of joy that fills our hearts and delights our palates. Introducing, The Pancake Co.’s Ramadan specials that create an unforgettable Iftar experience with your special ones. From traditional savoury delights to contemporary sweet surprises, let’s make this season a celebration with #HappyRamadanHappyTummy memories to cherish!

Nastar Cheese Soufflé Pancake
Indulge in the sweetness of breaking your fast with our delightful Nastar Cheese Soufflé Pancake. Fluffy soufflé pancake with pineapple compote, nama cream, DORÉ Nastar cookie, served with vanilla ice cream, DORÉ Nastar cookie crumbs, grilled pineapple cubes, cheese sauce, and edible flower.

Pina Colada Mocktail
Quench your thirst with our refreshing Ramadan special mocktail, the Pina Colada Mocktail. Made with pina colada syrup, mango syrup, soda water, fresh pineapple honey, lime, and mint leaves, it’s the perfect refreshment to rejuvenate your soul!

Curry Nasi Goreng
For a satisfying and hearty option Iftar meal, try our Curry Nasi Goreng. This house speciality fried rice is served with beef curry, sunny side up, vegetable fritters, pickles, and sambal.

Nasi Ayam Serundeng
Embrace traditional and local flavours with our Nasi Ayam Serundeng. This dish features rice served with fried chicken with fried coconut flakes, shredded omelette, vegetable fritters, pickles, and sambal.

Which of our Ramadan specials are you excited to try, Pancake Darlings? Comment down below. Happy Ramadan!