Discover The Perfect Place for #HappyTogetherTime

Nowadays, people are seeking for a place to have an intimate yet fun time with their loved ones, whether with their family, friends, or partners. The perfect way to have a Happy Together Time with others is through food. Here are why you can have a Happy Together Time at The Pancake Co. by DORÉ.

Various Soufflé Pancake Flavors
We are known for our fluffy and jiggly soufflé pancakes that pleasure you in just one bite. Besides that, our soufflé pancakes also come in many topping variations such as original, chocolate, berries, cookies and cream, tiramisu, and unique pancake burgers, which you can choose depending on your mood and share the plate with your loved ones!

Yōshoku Experience
Want to have a different ambience and experience of Japanese food? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Not only serving soufflé pancakes, we also have Japanese-Western fusion food on our menu or what we call Yōshoku. Starting from light bites, entrées, and dessert, everything we have could be a Yōshoku experience!

Games for The Fun
Our quest to serve a place for a #HappyTogetherTime doesn’t stop there. We understand that it is more enjoyable to bring entertainment to the table. We have plenty of game options that you can choose to play with your loved ones. One of our recommendations is #HappyTogetherTime card, a collaboration between The Pancake Co. and Tentang Kita Cards, perfect for knowing more about each other and unlocking lasting love. You can ask our staff to play it or even buy the cards!