Ring in the Holidays with “Jiggly Bell” Delights!

Happy December, Pancake Darlings! The season of utmost merry has finally arrived. This is the season to rejoice in the spirit of Christmas and have a #HappyTogetherTime with family and friends. This year, we delightedly present to you “Jiggly Bell” delights from The Pancake Co., where every bite and sip hides a touch of Christmas cheer waiting to be savoured!

Caramel Macchiato Soufflé Pancake
Fluffy soufflé pancake on Biscoff crumbs, chocolate pearl, edible flower petals, fresh thyme. Perfected with coffee light cream, coffee powder, and salted caramel sauce.

Tomato Pasta Meatballs
A culinary gift for a memorable Christmas dining experience. Spaghetti with umami tomato sauce served with juicy meatballs and baked cheese.

Hot Miso Potato Pom
The ultimate holiday treat that adds a dash of joy to your celebration! Crunchy potato pom with hot miso sauce and crispy beef bacon.

Orange Berry Pop Rock
Sip and experience a playful pop surprise that brings sparkle to your holiday. Christmas special mocktail, orange juice with strawberry syrup, rosemary leaves, and popping pop rocks candy.

Java Spiced Coffee
Christmas is famous for coffee, spices, and all things nice. Enjoy the house’s special coffee spiced up with honey, ginger, roasted peanuts, and topped with gulali candy.

Which of our Jiggly Bell delights would you like to try, Pancake Darlings? Share your thoughts in the comment sections. Happy holiday from us to you and your families!