3 Benefits of Joining Flower Arrangement Workshop

On the first week of June, The Pancake Co. with Grow With The Flow held a fun Flower Arrangement Workshop at our happy store in Puri Indah Mall. The event aimed for the participants to discover the joy of flower arrangement and let their creativity bloom just like their beautiful flowers! Not only it is fun, but this activity also has many beneficial advantages for you. Here is what our participants say!

  1. Reduce Stress
    As flowers are famous for increasing the feeling of calmness in your happy hormone, Serotonin, a flower-arranging activity will help you minimize the heaviness and loudness in your head. The artistry process of arranging flowers also boosts your mood to be happier than ever!
  2. Channel Your Creativity
    We all know since our good old days that creativity should be honed. Through a flower-arranging activity, you can channel your creativity as much as you like! Starting from picking the flowers to layouting your flowers in a vase, you are free to let your creativity flow!
  3. Meet New Friends
    Of course, gaining new friends is one of many reasons people join a public workshop. As niche as it is, you surely will meet people who share the same interests as you. That way, you will enlarge your connection and surround yourself with kindred spirits!

The Pancake Co. is a home for #HappyTogetherTime, including a happy activity that you can join with your special ones. Stay tuned on our Instagram to be notified of our upcoming events!