What Makes Japanese Curry Different from Other Curries?

For some of us, curry is a universal heart-stolen indulgence that bursts flavours and delights our palates. In a world of curry, there are many varieties of curry you can discover, explore, and choose your most-favourite one. Through this article, we are taking you to the knowledge of curry and discover what makes Japanese curry different from other curries!

  1. Ingredients
    Japanese curry is commonly made with spice powders and seeds mixed with flour and oil. Meanwhile, other curries like Indian curry use dry spices and Thai curry uses fresh herbs. The flavour profile of Japanese curry is more likely sweeter than other curries, the perfect choice for those who like less spicy!
  2. Consistency
    Roux is a combination of butter and flour added when cooking Japanese curry. The consistency of this curry is thicker than the others, offering you a curry with a gravy-like texture.
  3. Serving
    With its thick consistency, Japanese curry is often served over rice and deep-fried cutlet accompanied with potatoes, carrots, and onions. Meanwhile, Indian curry is often enjoyed with rice or naan bread and Thai curry contains seafood & vegetables inside the curry.

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