Hokkaido Lunch Set: The All-in-One Japanese Fusion Lunch

A good lunch means hassle-free and it comes with dessert afterwards! But, sometimes, one whole dessert is too much for us. Worry not, The Pancake Co. offers a Hokkaido Lunch Set that brings you a flavour of Japanese fusion lunch with dessert as a companion. Let’s discover them today!

Hokkaido Lunch Set A
This set is a winner for all fungi lovers! Enjoy Trio Mushroom Pasta which is made with three kinds of mushrooms: shimeji, shitake, and champignon. This pasta complements well with the umami flavour of Japanese miso and is served with runny onsen egg. Hokkaido Lunch Set A comes with iced tea and cake of the day from DORÉ by LeTAO!

Hokkaido Lunch Set B
Here comes a new menu at The Pancake Co.: Chicken Katsu Donburi! Imagine warm rice topped with crispy chicken katsu nestled in between soft scrambled egg and caramelized onion, what a heaven, right? This set is also served with iced tea and cake of the day to sweeten your day!

Hokkaido Lunch Set C
If you are craving for a local flavour, this set is for you! Indulge in our Nasi Ayam Serundeng, warm rice with house speciality Ayam Serundeng, flavorful fried coconut flakes, shredded omelette, vegetable fritters, pickles, and sambal to spice up your lunch experience! Finish it off with iced tea and cake of the day that brings a big smile to every bite!

Hokkaido Lunch Set is available at all The Pancake Co. stores from Monday to Friday from 11 AM to 2 PM. Whether you are coming with your friends or alone, your #HappyLunchTime should be fulfilling and hassle-free!