Valentine’s Day: Celebrating The Season of Love

Let’s welcome February, the season of love! Celebrating Valentine’s Day this month is a special time to cherish love and sweet moments with those we hold dear. Commonly, people go out to dine out as a Valentine’s Day date activity with their loved ones. As a place for a #HappyTogetherTime, here are three reasons why you should celebrate the loving day at The Pancake Co.

  1. Valentine’s Day Special Menu
    Say hello to The Pancake Co.’s “Fluffy, I’m In Love” special menu that tantalizes your taste buds and melts your heart. Starting from fruity and creamy fluffy soufflé pancake to Valentine’s mocktail, we have it all for your special day. Psstt.. Don’t miss our package menus that are best to share with your loved one!
  2. Games to Foster Strong Bond
    While you await your food and drinks to arrive, The Pancake Co. provides an array of games for you and your loved one to enjoy. We suggest engaging in the #HappyTogetherTime Card, a set of customized question cards to get to know your partner better!
  3. A Chance to Win Exclusive Prizes
    Indulge your palate with our “In Love Package” selections and stand a chance to win special prizes for couples! Take a peek under your glasses to discover if you and your partner are the lucky ones!

Satisfy your sweet cravings and craft a loving & memorable Valentine’s Day with your significant other. Let’s find love tucked away behind every bite and sip, exclusively at The Pancake Co.