Hosting Your Kid’s Birthday Party at The Pancake Co.

A birthday party is the most magical moment for kids. It is a special occasion when they can don special attire, gather their friends, blow out candles, and bask in the love of their loved ones. As a place for #HappyTogetherTime with family and friends, The Pancake Co. presents birthday packages for your kid’s birthday party. Here is what you get from our birthday package

  1. Food Party!
    Within our birthday packages, you will find an array selection of good food and beverages. From appetizers and main courses to drinks and pancakes for dessert, everything is included in one package. Surely, your kids and their friends will leave fully satisfied!
  2. Fun Decorations & Party Tools
    Hosting a birthday party shouldn’t be a hassle, as we’ve got you covered! Not only delectable food, but our birthday packages also come with playful decorations, essential party supplies, goodie bags, and even an exciting gatcha game.
  3. #HappyTogetherTime
    Last but not least, our birthday package ensures a #HappyTogetherTime for your kids and their friends. It is guaranteed to create cherished birthday memories and bring joy to everyone who comes!

For more information regarding our birthday package, DM us on Instagram @pancakecobydore or visit the nearest The Pancake Co. by DORÉ store. We are looking forward to celebrating your happiest day!