How to Shower Love For Kids When You Are Busy

Family presence especially from parents is crucial for your little one. A loving family bond creates a safe haven for your children and lets them try new things and learn. Your love and support also help them grow emotionally, mentally, and feel good about themselves. But, how can you show them all this love if you are busy? We’ll give you some tips for that!

Love Notes
Take some time to write your positive affirmations for your kids through love notes. It could be stuck to any place that your children tend to reach, inside their backpacks, or even put them into their lunch box! A simple gesture with meaningful effects!

Video Calls
When you are busy with work, try to shower your kids with love through video calls. Simply ask them about their day at school and have a little & fun chit-chat. We believe a quick video call won’t hold you from work and will brighten your loved one’s day!

Story Time Before Bed
After a long day at work or from your hustle & bustle, have quality time with your kids before bed! Grab their favourite storybook and start a storytime session before they close their eyes. You can add a fun twist by discussing the story as well.

What is your way to shower love for your kids, Panmates? Leave your thoughts below.